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Faculty - Stephanie Gilbertson-White

Stephanie Gilbertson-White
Associate Professor
444 CNB

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Survivorship, University of Pittsburgh
PhD, University of California, San Francisco
MSN, University of Wisconsin - Madison
BSN, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Research Focus/Clinical Interests: 
  • Stress response, cognitive and emotional appraisals, and coping in patients with advanced cancer.
  • Genotype-to-phenotype associations of pain and associated symptoms in cancer.
  • Timely introduction of palliative and supportive care in patients with chronic, life-limiting diseases.

Dr. Gilbertson-White is an assistant professor at the College of Nursing. She has more than 18 years of experience caring for patients chronic and life-limiting diseases. Dr. Gilbertson-White's primary areas of interest are in palliative care and oncology. Her research includes exploring contextual factors that influence the symptom experience, the role of meaning of symptoms, the psychological and physiological responses to symptoms as well as the behavioral outcomes of coping and health care utilization in palliative care patients with advanced cancer. Most recently, she has completed a pilot study of stress responses and symptom appraisals in patients with advanced cancer. The two major foci of her research include: 1) understanding the role of stress in patients with advanced cancer, and 2) identifying how the appraisal of symptoms contributes to self-care behaviors in this population.