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New Webinar Available! The Truth About Nurse Residency: Benefits, Challenges, Outcomes

Nurse residency program webinar

Nurse residency programs are well established in the literature as a proven method to enhance new graduate nurse success in the first year of practice. Despite available research, widespread availability of these programs in rural facilities remains limited. Rural facilities often find it difficult to overcome perceived challenges associated with successfully implementing the evidence-based transition to practice support due to cost, limited resources, and low volume of new graduate hires.

Learn how the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program works with rural facilities to overcome these challenges and explore outcomes achieved.

Following completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the proven benefits of nurse residency programs.
  2. Recognize how the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program can be utilized by rural facilities to overcome common challenges associated with providing an evidence-based transition to practice support for new graduate nurses.
  3. Explore outcomes achieved following enrollment of rural new graduate nurses in the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program.

Presenter: Nicole Weathers, MSN, RN

Nicole Weathers is the Program Manager for the University of Iowa College of Nursing - Online Nurse Residency Program. With nearly a decade of experience in rural healthcare, Nicole understands the unique challenges rural facilities face when it comes to recruitment and retention of the nursing workforce. Under Nicole’s leadership, the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program has grown and developed reaching nurses throughout the United States.


Posted On: 
Oct 6th, 2018