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Student Organizations - Association of Graduate Nursing Students (AGNS)

The College of Nursing Association of Graduate Nursing Students (AGNS) enables graduate students to have a voice in issues important to their experience at the University of Iowa, and as future leaders of the nursing profession. AGNS also nominates student representatives to serve on the College of Nursing Academic Council and on the University Graduate Student Senate.

Membership is conferred on all MSN, DNP and PhD students upon admission to the College of Nursing.

The purpose of AGNS is to promote the academic and professional development of graduate nursing students through organized meetings, advocacy, virtual needs assessment, and social events designed to encourage graduate students in nursing, who are spread throughout the global community, to meet one another and to form connections.

2018-2019 AGNS Officers
Your officers are here to represent you and advocate for your needs as graduate students in the Graduate College and/or the College of Nursing. Please remember to contact any officers with concerns, comments, or ideas.

PRESIDENT --  Laura Budde

Laura BuddeLaura Budde is a third-year AGPCNP student and works as an Intensive Care Staff Nurse at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. She attended the University of Iowa for her BSN and is happy to be back for graduate school. She joined AGNS because she wanted to connect with other graduate nursing students and stay in touch with what's happening on campus. In her free time, she's a music enthusiast and enjoys yoga, biking, and running. 

VICE PRESIDENT -- Krista Grutz

Krista GrutzKrista Grutz is a third-year Family Nurse Practitioner student from Dubuque, IA. During the 2017-2018 school year, Krista was on the Graduate Student Senate and was Co-Chair of the GSS Service and Social Committee, acting as a representative for the College of Nursing. She continues on the AGNS board with the thought that everyone's voice at the College should be heard whether they are on or off campus. Krista works as a staff nurse on the Specialty Surgery unit at UIHC and teaches yoga throughout her community.

SECRETARY -- Margaret Brimeyer

Margaret BrimeyerMargaret Brimeyer is a third-year Pediatric DNP primary care and acute care dual program student. She work as a staff nurse in inpatient pediatrics at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, as well as a clinical instructor for BSN students at Mercy College of Health Sciences. She joined AGNS because she wanted to become more involved with the College of Nursing and interact more with other graduate nursing students and faculty.

TREASURER -- Chetana Daniels

Chetana DanielsChetana (Chetie)  Daniels is a third-year AGNP student and currently works in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at UIHC. Chetie has served as the AGNS representative on the CON diversity committee for the past year and would like to continue that role going forward, as well as deepen her involvement with AGNS by taking on the role of Treasurer.

PhD Forum Representative -- Cathy Schwartz​

Cathy SchwartzCathy Schwartz is a second-year student in the Health Systems, with a focus on the Value of Nursing Work. She is a full-time student and was employed as vice president of Elsevier’s Transformation Services where she lead the publishing company’s professional health care consulting group. She joined AGNS to serve as the PhD student representative.

DNP Forum Representative -- Anna Starcevich

Technology Representative -- Nina Laroe​

Nina LaRoeThis year Nina Laroe will be serving as the Technology Representative. She joined AGNS to become more involved and make a difference in the program! This fall, she will be a second-year student in the Primary Care Pediatric DNP program. One year down, two more to go! She works as a staff nurse on the NICU at UIHC and is considering working in the NICU after graduation.

Council on Curriculum Representative -- Erin Brown​

Erin BrownErin Brown is looking forward to serving AGNS as the graduate student representative on the Council for Curriculum this year. She is a practicing family nurse practitioner and currently works part-time with the College of Nursing's Faculty Practice to provide care to nursing home residents in Wellman, Iowa. She is in the second year of the DNP PNP-PC/AC program. She joined AGNS to get to know other graduate nursing students and to hopefully help give a voice to graduate student nurse needs and concerns within the College of Nursing. Specifically, she is passionate about the advanced practice nurse role and how APRNs are prepared for practice. She hopes to advocate for a strong meaningful curriculum that supports that APRN preparation for practice in her AGNS representative role in the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Council on Student Affairs Representative -- Teresa Munro​

Teresa MunroTeresa Munro is in the second year of the dual Pediatric Acute and Primary Care DNP program. She works as a ChildServe float nurse in the inpatient/homecare/community setting in the Des Moines area. She joined AGNS to feel more connected as an online graduate student. She has had the ability to get to know students in other programs and areas of interest. In addition, She has had the ability to get to know faculty better and be a student voice. 

Diversity Council Representative -- Jim Kinney​

James KinneyJim Kinney joined AGNS because he was interested in Diversity initiatives within the College of Nursing, specifically in the DNP programs. He also wanted to get to know other students in graduate programs at the College of Nursing, and work together to promote teamwork and collaboration between different disciplines.

GSS Representative -- Kennedy LaVille Thoren

Kennedy LaVille ThorenKennedy LaVille Thoren is in the third year of the PMHNP-DNP program. She works in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at Mercy Medical Center and Student Health Services at Mercy College in Des Moines. She joined AGNS to be more involved in the student experience at Iowa (as much as possible from a distance) and to be a representative for College of Nursing at Student Senate meetings.

GSS Representative -- Tannaz Saeidzadeh

Tannaz Saeidzadeh is a third-year PhD nursing student. She works as a research assistant at the CON. She joined AGNS as GSS senator to represent nursing student on campus.

GSS Representative -- Maria Decker

Maria DeckerMaria Decker is in the dual FNP/PMHNP program and is starting her third year. She works for the Iowa Heart Center in Des Moines. She joined AGNS for the connections and opportunity to be a part of something bigger than just her journey through graduate school. 

GSS Representative- Karen Davison

GSS Representative- Caroline Liebe