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Student Organizations - University of Iowa Association of Nursing Students (UIANS)


The mission of UIANS is to serve the nursing students of the University of Iowa and advocate for the past, present, and future of the nursing profession. In doing so, UIANS hosts various events such as: Progressive Nursing Day, a Pinning Ceremony for graduating seniors, blood drives, a Student Mentor Program, along with a variety of fun fundraising activities. UIANS also participates in and contributes to several community events including: the Mobile Clinic, Dance Marathon, and River Fest. Lastly, UIANS greatly values promoting nursing at the political level. As a result, UIANS proudly sends students to state, regional, and national conventions, where students can write and vote on resolutions to make a difference in the lives of others throughout our country.

Who makes up the UIANS Board?
Passionate and committed UI nursing students just like you!

Faculty Advisor: Ann Rhodes

Executive Board Academic Term 2016-2017
President Abby Freking
Treasurer Emily Ford
Secretary Bridget Moriarty
Fundraising Directors Angelica Rejczak and Mercedes Stahl
Legislative Director Katelyn Burns-Thompson
Nursing Events Directors Aubrey Siegle and Jacqueline Albrecht
Health Outreach Directors Brittany Kloft and Molly Denlinger
Class Liaisons Elyssa Lavigne and Halle Wilmott
Faculty Advisor Ann Rhodes


Committee Members: Academic Term 2016-2017
Emily Ellefson, Heather Rickford, Jessica Stonis, Eliza Griggs, Madison Corwin, and Abbey McClain