Sue Moorhead, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Professor Emeritus

Sue Moorhead PhD, RN, is an Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness, and Director of the PhD program at the University of Iowa. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland through the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing (WRAIN) and was commissioned a 1st Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps after receiving her BSN. She served on active duty for seven years prior to returning to Iowa. Her Master’s and Doctoral degrees are from the University of Iowa. She has been an educator for more than 30 years. Her research focuses on the development and implementation of standardized nursing terminologies and effectiveness research. She is the lead editor of the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC). The five editions of NOC and the linkages of NANDA International, NIC and NOC have 26 translations to date in nine different languages. She has published 11 books and 49 articles and book chapters. Her teaching focuses on leadership and administration in the Doctoral Program as well as standardized nursing terminologies. She retired from the Army Nurse Corps as a Colonel after 27 years of active and reserve service in 1997. She is a fellow of the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness and NANDA International.

Research areas
  • Use of standardized nursing terminology - NIC/NOC
  • Outcomes of care and effectiveness research
Sue Moorhead
PhD in Nursing Administration, University of Iowa
MA in Nursing, University of Iowa
BSN, University of Maryland