Erica Watkinson, PhD, RN-BC

Instructional Track Lecturer

Erica Watkinson is an Instructional Track Lecturer for the College of Nursing's BSN and RN-BSN program. She holds a PhD in Nursing from the University of Iowa and is passionate about bedside nurses' decision-making, discharge education, and discharge planning.  Dr. Watkinson has developed and revised nursing outcomes with the University of Iowa Nursing Outcomes Classification Center (NOC). She has also worked on a Cardiothoracic and Vascular Medical-Surgical Unit for about 10 years and has assisted unit leadership with making patient education improvements. Additionally, Dr. Watkinson teaches Medical-Surgical Clinical to junior BSN students. She specializes in heart failure discharge planning and qualitative research methods.

Erica Davisson
PhD, University of Iowa
MSN, University of Iowa
BSN, Coe College