Kyung Soo Kim, PhD, RN

Associate Faculty

Dr. Kyung Soo Kim’s program of research is to improve the well-being of older adults with chronic pain and to promote healthy aging. Her current research focuses on understanding art making as a health intervention and designing art making interventions for older adults with chronic pain. In order to expand the application of art making to various other health conditions in older adults, she plans to study its effects on mood, perceived control, self-efficacy, and brain plasticity. Her long-term goal of research is to design, examine, and implement art making as a patient-centered health intervention for health conditions that are prevalent in older adults such as chronic pain, depression, and cognitive impairment. 

Research areas
  • Chronic pain and treatment in older adults
  • Designing and evaluating patient-centered art making intervention
  • Instrument development and validation
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Iowa
PhD in Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MSN in Nursing Education, Villanova University
BSN, Eastern University
ADN, The National Medical Center College of Nursing (S. Korea)