Juliana Souza-Talarico, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

Dr. Juliana Souza-Talarico is an Associate Professor with tenure in nursing and a research program in the field of cognitive and behavioral health during aging, with a focus on two main research themes: Stress, Resilience, and Health and Evidence-Based Health Care. Integrating both of these main areas, Dr. Souza-Talarico has been carrying out epidemiological studies and systematic reviews to investigate how biological and behavioral markers of chronic stress may influence mental health and cognition during adulthood and aging in both general and vulnerable populations. More specifically, she demonstrated that sustained exposure to biological stress mediators and perceived psychological stress are associated with a higher risk for developing cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease. She has also conducted population-based cohort studies and clinical trials to investigate risk factors and target interventions expected to protect health by improving body resilience to the adverse effects of chronic stress. Based on the concept of windows of vulnerability, Dr. Souza-Talarico intends to demonstrate that multidomain interventions conducted early in adulthood could effectively prevent cognitive disorders later in life. Her research program has been performed in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students, multidisciplinary health professionals and international researchers, and was funded by external research agencies and international associations.

    Research areas
    • Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience
    • Biological, psychological and social signatures of human stress
    • Stress mindset, resilience, and coping strategies from adolescence to aging
    • Evidence-based health
    Juliana Souza-Talarico
    Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychobiology, Federal University of São Paulo (BR)
    PhD, Adult Health Nursing, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (BR)
    MS, Adult Health Nursing, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (BR)
    BSN, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (BR)