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Hear what Stacey Fort has to say about their experience with the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program

Presbyterian Healthcare Center

Tell us a little bit about your facility
We are an integrated health system grown from a small tuberculosis sanatorium founded in 1908. We are now a system of eight hospitals, a multi-specialty medical group with more than 800 physicians and advanced practice clinicians, and a statewide health plan. We serve one in three New Mexicans with healthcare or coverage and have nearly 12,000 employees. The Residency Program began in 2015 with the Peri-Operative specialty program and has expanded to the Emergency Department, Critical Care, and the rapidly growing Transition to Practice new graduate program. This year began our journey for ANCC accreditation for our Transition and Peri-Operative Programs!

How have you integrated the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program into your facility’s process for transitioning new graduate nurses to practice?  
We have integrated the Iowa online nurse residency into our curriculum as foundational content for the professional development topics. We have built upon the content to ensure the success of our residents by including organizational-specific onboarding, subject matter experts as guest speakers, and reinforcement skills and simulation labs.

What has been the best part of initiating the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program at your organization?
The online platform is very easy to use and meets our needs for moving forward for accreditation. We have had great support from our Iowa partners, Nicole and Karla, they are always responsive and willing to help us create the best tool for our needs!

How have you seen your nurse residents’ performance improve since beginning the program?
We definitely see that our residency program better prepares our young nurses for real life on the floors, and helps to mitigate the heightened stress that is associated with this transition. The most notable data shows a much earlier progression to clinical practice leads and the role of preceptor and charge nurses!

Anything else you’d like to mention?
Thank you for your partnership, IONRP! We are planning to expand our residency program into Behavioral Health, Women’s, and Pediatrics next year! Our vision is that all new graduate nurses will get the opportunity to experience a residency program!

Stacey Fort, BSN, RN
PDS Manager, Clinical Education Residency & Fellowship Programs
Presbyterian Healthcare Center- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Posted On: 
Nov 29th, 2018