Friday, December 13, 2019
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Are you challenged with the need to get your new graduate nurses competent quicker? It is important to clearly understand the new nurse’s career continuum and the distinct needs for support and education along the way. Residency is a major component of the continuum bridging the gap in professional development. Find out how the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program can be used to support the career continuum of new nurses and provide a solid foundation for success.

Discuss four distinct phases in your new nurse’s continuum of practice and necessary support during each phase.

Recognize facts and myths surrounding nurse residency. 

Demonstrate 3 ways the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program can be used to support the nurse career continuum. 

Determine outcomes that can be used to measure success.

Nicole Weathers is the Program Manager for the University of Iowa College of Nursing - Online Nurse Residency Program. With nearly a decade of experience in rural healthcare, Nicole understands the unique challenges rural facilities face when it comes to recruitment and retention of the nursing workforce. Under Nicole’s leadership, the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program has grown and developed reaching nurses throughout the United States.