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‘Double dose of Compassion’

Regan Hulsing and Michaela Inman

Regan Hulsing and Michaela Inman have something in common. Truth be told, they actually have two distinct and pretty remarkable things in common.

The two became best friends when their paths crossed at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital as they both battled the same rare form of cancer. Through their pediatric cancer survival journey, Hulsing and Inman became inspired by the kindness and compassion they received from their health care team, particularly their UIHC nurses. This left them with an undeniable urge to one day provide the same type of phenomenal care they once received.  

More than a dozen years later, Hulsing and Inman are taking vital first steps in fulfilling their dreams as first semester College of Nursing students … providing care, inspiration, and hope in the very same oncology unit where they were once patients.

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Posted On: 
Feb 18th, 2020