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Additional MSN-CNL Testimonials

I like the CNL program because it allows me to be able to make an impact directly with patients to improve their outcomes, safety  and focus on the needs. There is a potential to also make improvements within our own departments, acting as advocates for all staff to improve quality patient care. As a Clinical Nurse Educator this is ideal as I serve my team of staff nurses working among them in a leadership position and have the ability to improve their work environments."

-- Amy Mundisev RN, BSN, CEN, SANE-A

 The CNL program has helped me to broaden my understanding of the nursing practice. As my understanding of various nursing theories, leadership styles, and evidence grows I find myself equipped with more tools to approach different problems I deal with as the night shift nursing supervisor and in my personal life. I find myself engaging more in the change process and I have a new appreciation for networking with different healthcare professionals."

-- Aaron Pierson, BSN, RN