Across this nation there has been an increase in hate, racism, and xenophobia in the form of threats, harassment, intimidation, assaults, scapegoating, discrimination, injuries, vandalism, violence, and death for members of our Asian, Jewish, Latino, African American, and transgender communities.

We recognize the physical and emotional impact that these acts of hate and injustice may be having on our students, their families, and our colleagues who represent these diverse identities that enrich our American culture. The College of Nursing denounces any and all acts of racism, hate, and oppression perpetuated through a myriad of systemic and structural social injustices that are destructive to good health and well-being.

Together as a College, we will strive to hold our faculty, staff, and students accountable for their attitudes and actions as we uphold the tenets of the colleges Seven Pillars of Diversity and uphold our professional commitment to nursing.

We pledge to work harder to educate and empower our nursing community about social justice and its connection to nursing and health care. Let's work to end hatred in all forms and variations to build mentally and physically safer and healthier inclusive communities where everyone has the capability to feel like they belong and know that their contributions are valued, needed, and appreciated. The University of Iowa College of Nursing is more than a college we are a community that cares.

Resources to Unpack Hatred/Oppression:

Anti-Defamation League                          

Right To Be______                                      

Stop AAPI Hate                                             

Southern Poverty Law Center                   


College of Nursing Statement on Black Lives Matter

College of Nursing Statement on AAPI Hate

Definition of Diversity

The College of Nursing definition of diversity embraces a broad range of identities and ancestral backgrounds, including those that have been historically underrepresented within the nursing community. Diversity bridges all aspects of human difference, social identities, and social group differences, including but not limited to: 

  • race, ethnicity, creed, color,  
  • sex, gender, gender identity, sexual identity,  
  • socio-economic status, caste  
  • language, culture, national origin, religion/spirituality,  
  • age, (dis)ability,  
  • military/veteran status, 
  • political perspective, and 
  • associational preferences 

*Approved September 2020 by the College of Nursing's Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Committee

Commitment to Diversity

The University of Iowa has a long history and proud tradition of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. The University of Iowa College of Nursing is committed to creating an accessible, supportive environment and an educational experience that recognizes diversity and cultural competence as integral components of academic excellence. In our continuous effort to build a richer understanding of the relationship between health and diversity, we are committed to providing our faculty, staff, students, and alumni with knowledge and resources to increase awareness about vulnerable populations and other cultural competence issues impacting health.

The Office of Diversity at the College of Nursing is engaged in ongoing efforts to ensure our curriculum and programs prepare students to be culturally competent. As nurses, we know patients are more likely to accept health information when it is communicated in a way that is respectful and responsive to the cultural beliefs and practices of patients. Cultural competence will prepare our future nurses to effectively meet the health needs of our world’s ever-changing population.

The College of Nursing’s commitment to diversity is a shared value as demonstrated through the CON Seven Pillars of Diversity.

Diversity - UI Health Sciences

The College of Nursing collaborates with the UI Health Science Colleges and the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics to provide a variety of events and activities that support an inclusive learning environment and increased knowledge about cultural competency in health care through:

  • Welcome reception for diverse health science students
  • Welcome reception for LGBTQ health science students
  • Winter weather workshop for international students
  • Culturally responsive health care in Iowa conference
  • CultureVision training
  • Guest lectures and other health related workshops
  • UIHC nurse residency program diversity training

In addition, the College of Nursing is part of the UI Health Sciences' Diversity Committee.


Other Resources

CultureVision {On Campus}

CultureVision {Off Campus}

Request for Diversity Office Funding