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Twin Sisters Pursue Similar Careers in Nursing

Brookanne and Morganne Pfaffle

Brookanne and Morganne Pfaffle weren’t necessarily planning to attend the same university. Yet they both chose Iowa in large part due to the College of Nursing’s national reputation, and feel well prepared for their next step—pursuing doctorates in nursing practice in anesthesia at the UI.

By Richard Lewis | UI Office of Strategic Communication | 12/4/2018

When twins Brookanne and Morganne Pfaffle were considering college choices, neither seemed keen to join the other at the same school.

“I wanted to do my own thing,” Brookanne says.

“We needed to go our own ways,” Morganne agrees.

But the Pfaffle sisters eventually decided to stay together after all. The twins, who grew up just across the Iowa border in North Sioux City, South Dakota, enrolled at the University of Iowa, both majored in nursing, both will graduate with Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing in December, and both will apply to enter the graduate degree program in nursing practice in anesthesia at the UI.

“We’ve walked the same path and willingly so,” Morganne says.

“It definitely helps to know you have a friend,” Brookanne adds.

In high school, the Pfaffle sisters knew they wanted to be involved in patient care. They chose the UI in large part due to the College of Nursing’s national reputation. They also were attracted to the broad range of academic offerings at the UI and the presence of a major hospital affiliated with the university.

Their resolve was tested briefly when they visited campus for a pre-orientation tour on a particularly chilly day.

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Dec 5th, 2018