The Nursing Clinical Education Center (NCEC) is located on the fourth floor of the General Hospital in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) in Iowa City, Iowa. The Center is a collaborative, educational environment where learners engage in high quality, cutting-edge educational experiences to improve health care delivery and practice.

The NCEC is a joint venture between the Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care at UIHC and the UI College of Nursing. This $6 million, 20,000-square-foot space includes an 11-room clinical simulation lab where learners experience sophisticated and complex nursing care in specialty and clinical situations, including high-fidelity patient simulation; perioperative scenarios; a pediatric intensive care unit (ICU); a neonatal ICU; general pediatrics; adult medical surgical care; adult critical care; and pediatric and adult ambulatory care. The facility is used to train health care staff and students in providing safe, effective, and compassionate care.

In addition to simulation lab space, the NCEC includes:

  • Five large classrooms equipped with audio-visual technology, including a 36-seat active learning classroom for interactive learning and engagement
  • A resource library
  • Ample space for private or group study
  • Learning Resource Center


Katie Knox

Katie Knox, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Director, Simulation and Interprofessional Education
Co-Director, Nursing Clinical Education Center
Wendy Voigt

Wendy Voigt, MBA

NCEC Manager