Natany da Costa Ferreira Oberfrank, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Dr. Natany da Costa Ferreira Oberfrank joined the College of Nursing in 2022, after completing her post-doctoral scholarship in the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness. Her research interests include the application of standardized nursing terminologies to symptom science, patient participation in self-care behaviors, and health interventions tailored for older individuals with chronic diseases.

Dr. Oberfrank’s program of research focuses on two key research themes: Behavioral Interventions for Heart Failure Symptom Management and Standardized Nursing Terminologies (NANDA-NIC-NOC) in Electronic Health Records. Internal funding supported her earlier research in which she validated case studies on knowledge for heart failure symptom management using nursing outcomes. She currently leads a team to design and validate a novel tool to measure motivation for heart failure symptom management, the Heart Failure Symptom Management Motivation (HF-SMM) instrument. Dr. Oberfrank’s long-term goal aims to develop knowledge and motivation profiles according to patients' needs and expectations for further design of tailored mobile health behavioral interventions to enhance heart failure symptom self-management.

Curriculum Vitae

Research areas
  • Heart failure symptom science
  • Use of standardized nursing terminologies in Electronic Health Records
  • Patient participation in self-care behaviors
  • Tool development and validation
Natany de Costa Ferreira Oberfrank
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness, University of Iowa College of Nursing
PhD, University of Sao Paulo School of Nursing, Brazil
BSN, University of Sao Paulo School of Nursing, Brazil