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COVID-19: How will it change your training?

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing healthcare leaders to rethink workflow, education, and training of staff as they are prepared to meet the needs of their community. Teaching and learning across all educational systems have been drastically disrupted with conferences canceled, classes rescheduled, and the need for education to occur from a distance. While it would be great if we could all just hit the pause button on everything we are currently working onspring graduations are just around the corner and we must push on continuing to educate our next generation of nurses. Colleges of nursing are still educating pre-licensures students. Healthcare organizations still need to hire these nurses and transition them into their new roles. Nurse educators are being called to innovate in new and possibly uncomfortable ways while having fewer resources than ever before. Ihas been interesting to see the movement of education from the classroom to the online environment by educators across the globe. This disruption is creating a new level of openness to innovation when it comes to the way we teach and learn; nurse residency is no different. 

New Webinar Available! Nursing Career Continuum: Nurse Residency – The Missing Link

Are you challenged with the need to get your new graduate nurses competent quicker?  It is important to clearly understand the new nurse’s career continuum and the distinct needs for support and education along the way. Residency is a major component of the continuum bridging the gap in professional development. Find out how the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program can be used to support the career continuum of new nurses and provide a solid foundation for success:

1. Discuss four distinct phases in your new nurse’s continuum of practice and necessary support during each phase.

IONRP Has A New Look!

Can you believe it? August of 2019 marked 5 years for the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program. We have been partnering with healthcare organizations across the nation to provide a solid foundation for new graduate nurses transitioning to practice for over 5 years!  

Preceptors, Mentors, Clinical Coaches, Oh My!

Preceptors, Mentors, Clinical Coaches

We have focused so much on the new graduate nurses and the need for nurse residency programs I would like to now turn our attention to the role of the support person supporting these new graduate nurses. In a 2013 article, Rush and colleagues conducted an integrated review analyzing forty-seven articles regarding nurse residency programs. They found the most prevalent component shared by transition to practice programs was the availability of a defined resource person to support the new graduate nurse in a one-to-one relationship.

New Graduate Nurses: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

The Wizard of Oz

With the lovely winter weather that 2019 has brought us, we’ve had a lot of quality time indoors. This past weekend my kids and I settled into another fun afternoon of being stuck inside due to the drastically low temperatures. While looking for something to watch, we stumble upon the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. I am sure I am not the first person to realize that this movie provides a fantastic metaphor for new graduate nurses transitioning to practice.