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IONRP - Curriculum Overview

Our competency-based curriculum is delivered using a combination of interactive online modules covering evidence-based content and monthly live discussions bringing residents together. Whether you use our curriculum as the foundation for your existing program or as a new effort in supporting new graduate nurses, you will find it is a cost-effective method that uses microlearning and application learning techniques to fit the needs of the modern learner. 

Modules include:

1.Transition from Student to Professional Nurse

2. Critical Thinking

3. Communicating with Patient Care Providers

4. Communicating with the Health Care Team

5. Conflict Management

6. Time Management

7. Prioritization

8. Delegation

9. Patient Education

10. Culturally-Responsive Care

11. Information Technology

12. Safety

13. Ethics

14. Quality

15. Healthcare Finance

16. Evidence-Based Practice


Research shows the importance of engaging new graduate nurses early in their career with the opportunity to provide meaningful contribution through improvement efforts. Our curriculum includes completion of a residency project. 

Residents will be guided through completion of an improvement effort on a topic of their choosing.

Steps include:

I = Inquiry

A = Analyze

S = Set Intentions

P = Plan

I = Implement

R = Review & Revise

E = Exchange Information