Spring 2022 DNP/MSN Project Booklet

Graphic including College of Nursing building with the words 2022 MSN/DNP Projects

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Select Spring 2022 Graduate Posters

Bridget Berns (Poster Presentation)

Kendallyn Blay (Poster Presentation)

Rebecca Ellens (Poster Presentation)

Lucille Mazzetta (Poster Presentation)

Bethany Roach (Poster Presentation)

Krystal Schmieg (Poster Presentation)

Select Spring 2021 Graduate Posters

Maja Campbell (Poster Presentation)

Erin Fox-Hammel (Poster Presentation)

Hao McKenna (Poster Presentation)

Jessie Leeper (Poster Presentation)

Teresa Munro (Poster Presentation)

Emmarie Poolman (Poster Presentation)

Megan Riedesel (Poster Presentation)

Molly Sly (Poster Presentation)

Rachel Westernik (Poster Presentation)

Select Spring 2020 Graduate Posters

Abby Young (Poster Presentation)

Erica Sloan (Poster Presentation)

Hailey Waechter (Poster Presentation)

Jenae Roseland (Poster Presentation)

Jessica Rabe (Poster Presentation)

Kennedy LaVille Thoren (Poster Presentation)

Rebecca Mischel (Poster Presentation)

Select Spring 2019 Graduate Posters

Rita Becker (Poster Presentation)

Lindsay Brown (Poster Presentation)

James Kinney (Poster Presentation)

Eric Leadley (Poster Presentation)

Heather Ries (Poster Presentation)

Emily Schultz (Poster Presentation)

Jennifer Wittman (Poster Presentation)

Select Spring 2018 Graduate Posters

Katie Halbmaier (Poster Presentation)

Jill Permeswaran (Poster Presentation)

Wendy Hochreiter (Poster Presentation)

Barbara Peterson (Poster Presentation)

Samantha Ferguson (Poster Presentation)

Austin Langel (Poster Presentation)