Nursing Supplemental Instruction (NSI)
Do you need some extra academic support to pass your nursing coursework? Upper-class BSN students lead weekly peer to peer instruction in prerequisite nursing foundation courses until final exam week. Students who use NSI are expected to attend the sessions each week. To participate in NSI, students must be University of Iowa students who are formally classified as:

  • nursing interest (pre-nursing) and working toward earning a BSN degree at Iowa or
  • early admissions nursing students who are currently in the UI BSN program

Nursing Supplemental Instruction is free and available for the following UI subjects:

Fall semester only:
ACB 3110 - Principle of Human Anatomy 
CHEM 1070 - General Chemistry I
HHP 2310 - Nutrition & Health
STAT 1020 - Elementary Statistics and Inference

Spring semester only: 
BIOL 1141 - Human Biology: Health Professions
CHEM 1080 - General Chemistry II
MICR 3164 - Microbiology
HHP 1300 - Physiology

Virtual Nursing Educational Support Tutoring (NEST)
Do you have a quick question that you need help with? Weekly virtual drop-in/drop-out tutoring with upper-class BSN students in the same course subjects covered in NSI. Participants can use tutoring as often as needed.

BSN Admissions Essay Workshop 
For nursing interest/pre-nursing students who will apply through the BSN standard admissions process. This workshop is designed to help improve your writing for the BSN admissions essay that is required at the time of application to the BSN program (2nd semester of your sophomore year of college.). This workshop is held in February to give you plenty of time to craft a solid set of admissions essays before the March 1 application deadline. Students rave about this workshop, and many students who have attended have said that it helped them get admitted into the program. An event announcement is sent to targeted nursing interest/pre-nursing students who must RSVP for this workshop prior to the event date.