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PhD Students

Sugandha (Su) Aggarwal

Bootan Ahmed

  • Bootan Ahmed
    Research Topic: Risk Factors for Recurrent Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sue Gardner
    Funding: Research Assistantships
    Hometown: Erbil, Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Hind Al Mamari

  • Hind Al Mamari
    Research Topic: Work Engagement Among Nurses in Acute Care Settings in Oman
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patricia Groves
    Funding: Research Assistantships
    Hometown: Ibri, Oman

Ahmed Al-Saaidi

  • Ahmed Al-Saaidi
    Research Topic: Work Environment and Work-Life Balance
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amany Farag and Dr. Sue Gardner
    Funding: Research Assistantships
    Hometown: Ibri, Oman

Alaa AlBashayreh

  • Alaa AlBashayreh
    Research Topic: Quality and Patient-Centered Measurements for Palliative and End-of-Life Care
    Funding: University of Iowa Stanley Award for International Research and Research Assistantships
    Hometown: Irbid, Jordan

Jaewon (Jae) Bae

  • Jaewon (Jae) Bae
    Research Topic: Prevention and Management of Surgical Site Infections and Chronic Post-Surgical Pain
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sue Gardner 
    Funding: Research Assistantship
    Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Dorota Anna Bartoszczyk

  • Dorota Anna Bartoszczyk
    Research Topic: Pain Practices Among Oncology Inpatient Nurses
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kennith Culp
    Funding: Pre-Doctoral Traineeship - NIH/NINR T32 NR011147, Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar, American Cancer Society Fellow, and Research Assistantship
    Hometown: Szczebrzeszyn, Poland

Mary Beth Hovda Davis

  • Mary Beth Hovda Davis
    Research Topic: Pediatric Vascular Access
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ann Marie McCarthy
    Funding: Sally Mathis Hartwig Scholarship and the Eloise Zeller Leinfelder Scholarship
    Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Alejandra Gonzalez

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Research Topic: Mental Health in LGBTQ+ Populations
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melissa Lehan Mackin
    Funding: College of Nursing Dean’s Fellowship Award, Graduate College Iowa Recruitment Fellowship, and Research Assistantships
    Hometown: Denison, Iowa

Jemmie Hoang

  • Jemmie Hoang
    Research Topic: Does a History of Stressful Life Events Moderate GI Inflammation in Chemotherapy-induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity?
    Faculty Advisor: Drs. Sue Gardner and Catherine Cherwin
    Funding: Day Family Scholarship in Genetics and Research Assistantships
    Hometown: North Liberty, Iowa