University of Iowa Tuition and Fees

Up-to-date information regarding tuition and fees for the Iowa DNP-CRNA program can be found at the following link: 3-year tuition and fees table

Tuition and mandatory fees are billed per the Graduate College and College of Nursing DNP tuition rates ( You can visit the Registrar site to check tuition rates by following these instructions. Click on the tuition and fees section, select Graduate College in the upper right, select College of nursing in the Curricular College filter, scroll to the Graduate DNP section. Note that you are NOT charged additional tuition over 9+ credit hours. 

Residency requirements are established by the State of Iowa Board of Regents and can be found here: You must be able to show that you were a resident of Iowa for 12 months prior to commencing an educational program for some purpose other than education (work, residence, etc.). 

Paying for your DNP CRNA Degree

Financial Aid
Graduate DNP education programs to become a CRNA are long, hard and expensive; however, the rate of return on this investment will pay higher dividends than any other investment you could make during your remarkable career. The office of student financial aid at the University of Iowa is available to help you determine the best way to pay for your investment. The graduate SRNA student is able to borrow up to the full cost of attendance while in graduate school. The full cost includes all tuition, fees, books, Insurance, and additional living expenses such as rent and food.

Scholarships are available through the AANA Foundation

The University of Iowa College of Nursing is able to offer a number of graduate scholarships through the UI Center for Advancement thanks to generous donors. 

Health care facilities are frequently willing to offer either a stipend or loan repayment for a commitment to work for a given number of years. Additionally, many of the U.S. military branches will also offer scholarships in return for employment upon graduation. 

The Iowa anesthesia program applies for all available federal traineeship grants annually and usually receives a small amount of money per student but this is dependent upon federal lawmakers maintaining these programs.  

Taxable scholar traineeship funds are available on a limited basis and are reviewed and renewed annually. Neither the availability nor dollar amount of these funds is guaranteed.  

Other Associated Educational Expenses

Textbook Fees
Students will be expected to purchase textbooks required for their study during the program and their professional library after graduation. Many of the books are available in electronic format through the University of Iowa Hardin Library for Health Sciences Many of the anesthesia reference textbooks used throughout the program are available in electronic format to which you will have access upon matriculation to the UI program. If you choose to purchase textbooks throughout the program the cost is approximately $3,000. 

Health Insurance
Every graduate student is required to have and maintain health insurance during their education at the University of Iowa. If you do not have personal health insurance, the university will provide policy option(s)  for your consideration. Refer to the University Benefits web site for details: Proof of insurance is required every semester or you will be billed for the UI insurance. Proof of insurance can be uploaded into students’ MyUI profile.

AANA Student Membership Fee
Students are required to become associate members of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) and the Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists (IANA). The AANA is the national professional association for all CRNAs and SRNAs in the U.S. The current fee of $200 includes a subscription to the AANA journal and access to professional content on the members only section of the AANA website. There are no additional fees to be a member of the IANA. Membership in the IANA includes attendance at all IANA meetings and professional content on their website. Membership in the AANA and IANA is critical to your success as an SRNA. 

Professional RN License
Students are required to obtain and maintain an Iowa license for the three years of the program. Contact the Iowa Board of Nursing at for details. 

Professional Liability Insurance
Professional liability insurance is also required for all students throughout the program. For the first year, standard RN Liability insurance is fine. Proof of insurance is required before beginning any classes. During the clinical phase of the program students must obtain liability insurance at the $1,000,000 occurrence/ $3,000,000 aggregate coverage level. This can be obtained from through AANA Insurance services for a modest rate of $275 per year. Proof of this insurance coverage is required prior to commencing clinical education. 

Certification Exam Fee
The fee to sit for the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) national certification exam (NCE) is $995 (2019). Students must pay for this fee prior to graduating from their program. 

Review Course Fee
Many review courses are offered to help students organize their studying for the NCE exam. There is no documentation that taking one of these courses increases student performance on the NCE but many students take them. Courses cost about $800 plus travel expenses. The Iowa program provides an internal review during the final year of the curriculum but most students also take an external review course. 

External Rotation Fees
External rotations at clinical affiliate facilities outside of Iowa City may involve additional expenses for transportation, housing and living. The Iowa program strives to minimize additional expenses and many partner facilities are able to provide living space in or near the facility at no cost to the student. Travel expenses such as mileage are reimbursable for trips greater than 100 miles from Iowa City.