CultureVision is the first comprehensive, user-friendly on-line database that gives healthcare professionals easy access to cultural information that enhances knowledge to implement more culturally responsive patient care.

CultureVision helps to:

  • Improve Quality of Care: Providers can access information about the prevalence of diseases within certain populations, the cultural influences and beliefs of patients, and more comprehensive facts to provide culturally appropriate care.
  • Reduce Disparities: Identify impact of cultural issues on medical decision-making and limit inadvertent bias in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction: Identify questions to ask that will yield better health outcomes Improve communication where language barriers may exist.

CultureVision is easy to access and simple to use. It is available for use by University of Iowa Healthcare and University of Iowa College of Nursing faculty, staff, and students. Email Val Garr for login information. 

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