Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence (CIAE) - Dean's Achievement Award*

*Presented at the CIAE Graduation, formerly known as the Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE) Multicultural Graduation Reception and the Multicultural Graduation and Recognition Banquet (MGRB)

Graphic congratulating Dominic Gliko on receiving the 2022 award. Includes his photo and short biography.

2022: Dominic Gliko***
2021: Orlando Hammond
2020: Shruti Naik
2019: James Kinney
2018: Gerardo (Geo) Guerrero-Segura
2017: Staja (Star) Booker
2016: Alejandra Gonzalez
2015: Brenda Rocha
2014: Whitney Boyd
2013: Jeannette George
2012: Dan Lose
2011: Peter Goings**
2010: Cornelious Orr
2009: Marqueta Taylor
2008: Lastacia Granger
2007: Karen Ladjahasan and Latisha Myers
2004: Jimmy Reyes
2003: Nicole (Wynos) Peterson
2002: Sandra Dennis
2001:  Michelle Curtis
2000: James J. Roth
1995: George M. Galvan

***Year the office name changed from Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE) to the Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence (CIAE) and event name changed from CDE Multicultural Graduation Reception to CIAE Graduation

**Year the event name changed from Multicultural Graduation and Recognition Banquet (MGRB) to Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE) Multicultural Graduation Reception

UI Catalyst Award Recipients

2016: Distinguished Achievement Award: Valerie Garr, Diversity and Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
2005: Individual Recipient Award: Tess Judge-Ellis Clinical Assistant Professor
2004: Individual Student Award: Jimmy Reyes
2004: Department/Group Awards: Men in Nursing Taskforce
2000: Individual Recipient Award: Mickey Eliason, Associate Professor