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What a great year to be an Iowa Nurse! As I reflect on academic year 2021-2022, I am pleased to share a few of the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students. The vibrancy in the college is at an all-time high and students are excited to be learning in the classroom and in clinical environments throughout Iowa.

In this issue of the Annual Magazine, you will learn about the partnerships between the UI College of Nursing and community colleges in Iowa with RN-BSN 3+1 program articulation agreements and the impacts they have on the state, student summer internships at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and our outstanding faculty and staff.

As we look to the future and face the nursing shortage, we continue to seek ways to address this challenge. In spring 2023, we will enroll our first cohort of students into the Master of Science in Nursing - Entry into Practice program. This full-time, accelerated program is designed for individuals with a non-nursing degree wanting to become practicing nurses. Our five-semester program will launch high-achieving professionals into a career in nursing.

It is because of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends that the College of Nursing continues to achieve excellent rankings among our academic programs, graduate industry-prepared nurse leaders, and offer an innovative and impactful education from acclaimed faculty. Thank you.

Go Hawks!

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Julie Zerwic, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN
Kelting Dean and Professor

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In Brief

Change Makers: Faculty and staff at the forefront

"Health really starts with housing, food, and family, and so I think we need to rethink what health is and start at the basics."

–Emily Sinnwell, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC

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The University of Iowa continues to climb in the U.S. News & World Report Best BSN and Graduate School rankings. According to the 2023 report, 66 UI colleges and programs were recognized among the best in their field. Four of these programs, all in the College of Nursing, received a top-10 ranking. The BSN program moved up one spot to number nine in the country!


THE UI COLLEGE OF NURSING UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM is ranked ninth in the nation and five graduate nursing programs are ranked in the top ten. Our graduates are sought after as highly skilled professionals who have received a rigorous education of the highest quality. Alumni and friends play an important role in our success by STAYING CONNECTED and GIVING BACK.


From July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022,


alumni and friends
came together to commit


in donations to support
current and future nursing students,
faculty, and innovative programs.

2022 Giving by THE NUMBERS

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students received donor-funded
scholarships last year.



nursing alumni checked in
at special events.

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Donations fueled innovative
research—to the tune of


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Donors stepped up on
One Day for Iowa, giving more than



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Kick off your weekend of Hawkeye family fun with our College of Nursing Pancake Breakfast before heading to Kinnick for the game.


See photos from the inaugural event:


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Mark your calendars for the University of Iowa’s 24-hour online giving day. Follow us on social media and watch your email about ways to join the Hawkeye community in making an impact.

March 29, 2023


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In March 2023, the College of Nursing will host the 47th Annual Midwest Nursing Research Society Conference at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines.


MARCH 29—APRIL 1, 2023


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We’re celebrating 125 years of nursing at Iowa next year! Our anniversary weekend will also be a chance for alumni to reunite and meet the next generation of nurses, leaders, and scientists.

Keep an eye out on social media and your email inbox for more information at a later date.

Class Notes

Anita Hockett (51GN)

Seventy-one years after graduating, Anita remains active as an RN, has founded and served as clinical director of a free clinic, and Volunteers In Medicine for 26 years. She received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Nursing in 2011.

Terry Wicks, Dean Zerwic, Dayna Ballantyne

Terry C. Wicks (18DNP)

Terry is a clinical assistant professor in the UNC DNP nurse anesthesia concentration, welcomed UI College of Nursing Dean Julie Zerwic to his Union Square Campus. Dr. Wicks, who earned his DNP from Iowa, was happy to give Dean Zerwic a UNCG coffee mug during her visit.

“The education I received at the University of Iowa College of Nursing­—both as an undergraduate and again as a DNP candidate­—have proven to be the stepping stones to the successful nursing career I have enjoyed as a clinician, leader, and educator.”

Jody Kurtt is photographed with UIHC Interim CEO and Chief Nurse Executive Kim Hunter.

Jody Kurtt (90MA)

Jody received the DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award in July 2022, an award given to nurses who dedicate their life’s work to the care of others. 

Ann E. Rogers (75BSN)

Ann was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam


Bernice (Weede) Havlicek, 40BSN

Irmgard (Lehner) Eden, 42BSN

Margaret (Williams) Loghry, 43BS, 43GN

Ruth Cruikshank, 44GN

Edith (Gensicke) Henningsgaard Miller, 45BS, 45GN

Lorraine (Kammerdiner) Miller, 46GN

Dorothy (Mauser) Krogstad, 47GN

Marie (Coobs) Daley, 48GN



Lois (Gutz) Coon, 50GN

Evalyn Geraldine (Wygle) Mollman, 50GN

Jeanie Jenean Monroe Quinn, 50GN

Murtis (Gordanier) Smith, 50GN

Martha (Francis) Figg, 51GN

Marilyn (Howard) Hess, 51GN

Juanita (Van Osdol) Cloyed, 52GN

Carolyn (Lindahl) Moen, 52GN

Marie (Proehl) Graves, 53BSN

Wayne Henry, 53BSN, 55MA

Phyllis S. (Schultz) Wenglein, 53GN

Ellen (Koopman) Overholtzer, 54BSN

Lois (Plummer) Hartline, 55BSN

Mary Frances (Lantz) Osborne-Pieper, 55BSN

Janet (Brant) Schmidt, 55BSN

Janet (Terry) Hedberg, 55GN

Elna (Larsen) Hendrickson, 55GN

Paulette (Berry) Hradek, 55GN

Joyce (Postel) Roberson, 55GN, 58BSN, 75MA

Donna Lu (Conover) Jones, 56BSN

Dixie (King) White, 56BSN

Maxine (Kloppenburg) Brammer, 57BSN

Mary (McClatchey) Christensen, 57BSN

Jean Kasper, 57BSN

Nancy J. (Johnson) Park, 57BSN

Minta S. (Smith) Uzodinma, 57BSN

Jeanette (Hoffman) Waters, 57BSN

Mary Anne (Edmund) Anderson, 58BSN

Sheila (Telford) Banwell, 58BSN

Charlene (Himrod) Ver Steeg, 58BSN

Sharon (Cadwell) Foss, 59BSN

Jo Ann (Bielefeldt) Wagner, 59BSN


Jean (Hodges) Conway, 60BSN

Janice (David) Farley, 60BSN

Rhoada (Delfs) Molleston, 60BSN

Pauline (Langner) Stevie, 60BSN

Mary (Baker) Jones, 61BSN

Jane Kallaus, 61BSN

Doris Ann Flater, 61BSN, 68MA

Sharon (Lewis) Wagner, 62BSN

Rose Marie (John) Serra, 63BSN

Suzanne (Meier) Ward, 63BSN

Anna Agerbeck, 64BSN

Betty Gail (Scholtes) Flodin, 64BSN

Patricia (Berstler) Randall, 64BSN

Patricia (Kron) Boettger, 65BSN

Marilyn (Starkweather) McKinley, 65BSN

Judith (Akin) Lass, 66BSN

Marilyn (Graber) Leichty, 67MA, 72MA, 81PHD



Jacqueline (Hollebeek) Clinton, 69BSN, 71MA

Helen Berg, 70MA

Sarah Bleeks, 71BSN

Mary Auterman, 71MA

Cynthia (Guhin) Mayer, 72BSN

Kay Litherland, 73MA

Cheryl (Hutchins) Christman, 74BSN

Susan H. (Hennings) Bode, 74MA

Sheila Drew, 75BSN

Susan Schmidt, 75BSN

Daniel Chaussee, 75MA


Rhonda (Scherer) Muhlenbruch, 82BSN

Karen (Vanderhart) Dillon, 83BSN

Natalie (Vickrey) Amhof, 86BSN

Karen (Christensen) Hansen, 87BSN

JoAnn Olson, 89MA



Linda Reed Fink, 92BGS, 97MSN

Sharon Sinnard, 95BSN, 98JD

Linda Murphy Ott, 97BSN



Kris Keyser, 11BSN

Taylor (Peterson) Bouska, 12BSN

Amy (Ganoe) Pretorius, 14BSN